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This hilarious video has us thinking twice. Orchestrated by the Just for laughs gags sexy at Just For Laughs Gags, the prank arm of the famous Montreal-based comedy festival that brought you such classics as ' free ice cream ' and ' hands for feet ' -- this gag definitely raises some eyebrows -- mainly those of the women who fall prey to the prank.

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The setup: Little do they know they've been 'branded' with lipstick in a most suspicious place. And that's not the only surprise Much of their material is available on their YouTube channel.

Additionally, some of the content on the show are licensed Just for laughs gags sexy an Australian hidden camera show, Just Kidding! Community Showcase More.

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Act Just for laughs gags sexy anyway? Make it clear I haven't been fooled? I chose to act confused and then walked away feeling embarrassed for myself. I have always loved the show though, it transcends language which is so perfect for Montreal.

I have almost the exact same story. I had more of a wtf face going on I signed something afterwards. That was that. Literally 4 years later Just for laughs gags sexy friend excitedly called me and said he saw me on JFL.

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I have since found the clip online and even caught it on air once. They did a pretty Just for laughs gags sexy job editing it. Especially considering that some people who do the pranks are recognisable now by many Montrealers.

Ya, I think they do the same prank for many and take the best.

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I think also thy probably do a bunch of pranks and toss out the ones that dont get the reactions they hope for. Ages ago a sexy lady dropped her red panties on a sidewalk.

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My friend picked it up and turned a corner to get it back to Just for laughs gags sexy lady. Meanwhile she had swapped with a men in a wig and the same dress who went on to tell my friend the underwear wasn't his and that he was a crazy pervert or something.

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That gag was real, but also Just for laughs gags sexy simple to execute and the cameras were hidden enough. I took a China Eastern flight to Australia and was pleasantly surprised they were airing the show on their in flight entertainment system.

We said to the kids that this was home for us. Oh my god every country I've been to, they have it on.

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I once saw it at a huge club in the Philippines on a huge projector and everyone was just laughing and boozing. It makes me homesick sometimes.

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They tried with me, but they were being annoying and in my face when Just for laughs gags sexy was having a bad day so I started yelling at the "hidden" camera crew to try being a bit more subtle with their pranks. The actor, dressed as a nun, was not pleased.

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Yeah but the prank has been going forever. I was at a Tim Hortons about to leave, after picking up my order, when I was stopped by undercover cops.

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I was detained at the Tim Hortons for 45 minutes while they questioned me because I apparently matched the description of a guy who committed a "serious crime". Apparently, he looked like me " white… wearing glasses and a Canada goose". The whole time I thought it was a just for laughs gag so I went along with it thinking I'll Just for laughs gags sexy on TV.

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They called in 2 detectives. I have been. I fell for it too. The spot made it to air but I wasn't featured in it.

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Pretty disappointing too because I told everyone on Facebook I got bamboozled by jfl gags and then later found out I had nothing to show for it. When I spot them I sit and get free entertainment. I've been pranked and it was horrible -- I feel like it was unethical. They had a small girl, maybe 6 or 7, come up to me at Parc des Portugais not the worst, but certainly not the best, part of town and say she Just for laughs gags sexy been separated from her friends Just for laughs gags sexy desperately needed to get in touch with her mom.

She asked to borrow my phone. I offered to dial for her and stay next to her while she called.

All rights reserved. The ol' lipstick on the collar is a dead giveaway that someone has been cheating -- or is it? This hilarious video has us thinking twice. Orchestrated by the folks at Just For Laughs Gags, the prank arm of the famous Montreal-based comedy festival that brought you such classics as ' free ice cream ' and ' hands for feet ' -- this gag definitely raises some eyebrows -- mainly those of the women who Just for laughs gags sexy prey to the prank. The setup: Little do they Just for laughs gags sexy they've been 'branded' with lipstick in a most suspicious place. And that's not the only surprise Laughs sexy gags for Just.

I was babysitting my friend's kid, so I had a kid in a stroller. The girl takes my phone while it's Just for laughs gags sexy and says she has to go to the washroom -- there was an oddly situated Port-o-potty in the park. She goes in despite my asking her not to, then comes out a minute later with a sheepish look -- she'd dropped my phone in the Port-o-potty.


In December 26,JFL: Gags began airing on French Canadian network Canal D. The series uses a hidden camera format, playing pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture the subjects' responses; each episode presents multiple gags. While some segments have included brief dialogue, most do not contain any sound or dialogue; the audio is replaced with sound effects, a laugh trackand public domain music. Most segments are filmed in Quebec City Just for laughs gags sexy, Montreal and Vancouver Just for laughs gags sexy, while some have been filmed in Mexico.

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